The American Journey of Marijuana

– Research supports that marijuana helps with inflammation, its an antioxidant analgesic, sedative, anti-depressant and anti emetic.
– Studies show that marijuana can help to balance insulin levels in diabetics.
– Part of American Pharmacopoeia until 1942 Legalized by the American Government from 1978- 1991 for specific medical purposes.
– 14 States have legalized marijuana for medicinal use
– Marijuana is 20 times more effective as an Anti-Inflammation than Aspirin and is twice as powerful than Hydro-cortisol.
– 2.2 Million people a year are hospitalized from adverse effects of prescription drugs.
– Can be taken orally or vaporized to eliminate the potentially harmful effects of smoking.
– 18% of Americans are in favor of legalization for medicinal use a 2005 Gallop Poll showed.
– THC is one of the ingredients that invigorates feeding in breast milk.
– THC is naturally produced in our bodies to balance our systems.
– Studies show that the mice that were given THC to treat cancer lived up to 6 weeks longer than the mice without treatment.
– Scientifically proven since 1977 to reduce cancer growth.