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MMJ Caregivers & THC Dispensary 

MMJ Colorado SpringsOur pioneering medical marijuana center provides the finest premium lab tested organic marijuana and cannabis infused products for medicinal use in Colorado. 

All patients are under the supervision of certified MMJ Doctors experienced in treating physical and emotional health conditions and ailments with all-natural medical marijuana and organic cannabis products.

Colorado Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana ClinicThe documented health and wellness benefits of marijuana date back thousands of years.  Even George Washington, our nation’s first president, grew hemp at his Mount Vernon estate. For a fascinating timeline of marijuana use and cultivation through the ages, check out the great article  “Science Seek To Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets” from the National Geographic website.

Our experienced staff will carefully evaluate your health issues and concerns to ensure that you are a candidate for marijuana therapy.  And all aspects of your treatment with be closely monitored by our staff for progress during your alternative heath treatment program.

THC was was born from a passion to help those in need. We incorporate the highest professional standards, laboratory grade medical marijuana therapy, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help guide our patients to recovery.  Our mission is to offer each patient a superb experience at our dispensary by providing the most effective 100% organic medical marijuana treatments in the Colorado Springs area.

Medical Marijuana Doctors in CO

CO CannabisAll patients at THC are under the supervision of certified MMJ Doctors experienced in treating physical and emotional health conditions and ailments with all-natural medical marijuana and organic cannabis products.

Trichome Health Consultants was one of the first marijuana centers when we opened for business  in 2008. We also were one of the first twenty Colorado businesses to be awarded a license to dispense medicinal marijuana in the state. 

With diligent research, meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to the highest medical compliance standards, we have established a solid foundation and a loyal client base of satisfied patients at our alternative health and wellness center.

Our leadership in the Colorado marijuana industry also extends to our compelling branding, MMJ education programs, pioneering patient consultations and marijuana cultivation and business opportunities for those interested in the fast-growing marijuana industry.

Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Clinic

MMJ ClinicsWe provide safe and effective alternative health treatments for a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments, administered in an accommodating and relaxing atmosphere.  And we welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss your health concerns and offer a natural non-conventional marijuana treatment path that doesn’t rely on traditional medicines. 

We feel that we operate the very best alternative health MMJ center in the state.  If you have doubts about our claim, please ask one of our thousands of satisfied Colorado patients for their thoughts on the matter! 

To learn more about how all natural marijuana wellness medical treatments can help your life, please contact us today. We are determined to ensure that people in need of medical cannabis are able to use it proudly and safely so they may enjoy the freedom of life that each of us deserves.

MMJ For Pain & Emotional Conditions

Health issues that can be treated with medical marijuana in Colorado include:

Alzheimer’s Disease






Crohn’s Disease





Multiple Sclerosis




Wasting Syndrome

Medical Marijuana Doctors Clinics Colorado Springs

images4Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful MMJ clinic staff with any questions you may have concerning the all natural cannabis alternative to traditional prescription medications for any health or emotional issues that you may suffer from.  For questions like “can anyone buy weed in Colorado”, please consult the legal guide from this criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs to ensure all your questions about the legal use of medical marijuana therapy are fully addressed.