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MMJ Colorado SpringsTHC is a pioneering medical marijuana center providing premium lab tested organic marijuana and cannabis infused products for medicinal use only. 

All patients are under the supervision of certified MMJ consultants, who are experienced in treating physical and emotional health conditions and ailments with all-natural medical marijuana and organic cannabis products.

For Medical Marijuana Colorado Springs Deserves The Best

THC was was born from a passion to help those in need. We have the highest professional standards, laboratory grade medical marijuana products, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Our mission is to offer each patient a superb experience at our dispensary by providing the most effective organic medical marijuana products and services in the Colorado Springs area.

THC MMJ Centers

Our experienced staff will carefully evaluate your health issues and concerns to ensure that you are a candidate for cannabis therapy.  And all aspects of your treatment with be closely monitored by our staff for progress during your alternative heath treatment program.

One Of The First MMJ Centers In Colorado Springs

Trichome Health Consultants was one of the first marijuana centers when we opened for business  in 2008. We also were one of the first twenty Colorado businesses to be awarded a license to dispense medicinal marijuana in the state. 

With diligent research, meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to the highest medical compliance standards, we have established a solid foundation and a loyal client base of  satisfied patients at our alternative health and wellness center.

Our leadership in the Colorado medical marijuana industry also extends to our compelling branding, medical marijuana and cannabis education programs, pioneering patient consultations and marijuana cultivation and business opportunities for those interested in the fast-growing marijuana industry.

We provide safe and effective alternative health treatments for a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments, administered in an accommodating and relaxing atmosphere.  And we welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss your health concerns and offer a natural non-conventional medical marijuana treatment path that doesn’t rely on traditional medicines. 

At Trichome Health Consultants, we feel that we operate the very best alternative MMJ center in the state.  If you have doubts about our claim, please ask one of our thousands ofsatisfied  patients for their thoughts on the matter! 

To learn more about how all natural marijuana wellness medical  treatments can help your life, please contact us today. We are determined to ensure that people in need of medical cannabis are able to use it proudly and safely so they may enjoy the freedom of life that each of us deserves.


Recent News Regarding The Colorado Medical Marijuana Industry:

21 Jan 2015 Oregon bank opens doors to Colorado marijuana businesses

An Oregon bank is openly offering service to the marijuana industry in Colorado at a time when banks here are lurking mostly in the shadows. MBank …

20 Jan 2015 Colorado marijuana caregivers, doctors face legislative scrutiny

Look for lawmakers to try cracking down on caregivers, the people authorized to grow pot on behalf of people on the medical marijuana registry

19 Jan 2015 Things To Know About Medical Marijuana In Colorado

DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers are taking another look at the state’s medical marijuana market this week. That’s because the state’s medical …

18 Jan 2015 Marijuana association forms in southern Colorado

PUEBLO, COLO. (AP) — More than a dozen marijuana business people have formed the Southern Colorado Growers Association to promote the pot …

16 Jan 2015 Oklahoma, Nebraska sue Colorado over marijuana

Colorado’s neighbors aren’t crazy about the state’s choice to legalize pot. Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado in the Supreme Court on Thursday, …

15 January 2015 Marijuana-Infused Sex Spray To Hit Colorado Stores

As the medical marijuana industry evolves in Colorado, which legalized recreational use in 2012, so too are the product offerings. The latest, according to USA …

14 Jan 2015 The Sky Is Not Falling: Legal Marijuana Turns One in Colorado

For example, the Business Insider reported that “Legalizing Weed in Colorado Is A Huge Success,” although they did report a “down side” as well

13 Jan 2015 Marijuana health research skimpy, Colorado doctors conclude

DENVER (AP) – A year after legalizing recreational pot sales, Colorado has more questions than answers about the health effects of legal marijuana.

12 Jan 2015 PolitiFact R.I. rules claim about Colorado’s marijuana-related revenue True

Colorado raked in $60 million in marijuana taxes and licensing fees in the past year, plus saved most if not all of the $145 million the Harvard report …

11 Jan 2015 Advocate says Colorado received $60 million in taxes and fees from marijuana in 2014

Colorado raked in $60 million in marijuana taxes and licensing fees in the past year, plus saved most if not all of the $145 million the Harvard report …

10 Jan 2015 Colorado pot taxes: Nov. medical sales tanked as retail numbers held strong

Colorado’s legal cannabis industry experienced an unusual autumn in 2014 — one that saw recreational pot sales reach a plateau of sorts as demand …

05 Jan 2015 Marijuana news: Colorado colleges ask feds for permission to grow pot

Colorado’s colleges and universities have asked the federal government for permission to grow marijuana for research purposes, the Denver Post …

03 Jan 2015 Colorado seeks permission for colleges to grow marijuana

It might sound like an unusual request, but it’s part of the state’s effort to increase access to quality marijuana research. The Colorado attorney …

31 Dec 2014 Colorado and Marijuana Legalization One Year Later: What Has Changed?

According to state data, marijuana possession charges in Colorado for 2014 are on track to fall below 2,500, down from nearly 30,000 in 2010.

28 Dec 2014 Study: Marijuana use has increased in Colorado

2, 2010 photo shows a marijuana plant as it matures in a grow house in Denver. Colorado emerged as the state with the second-highest percentage of …

26 Dec 2014 Guns and pot: Colorado gun group seeks equal rights for marijuana users

A Colorado group is hoping marijuana users could be able to carry concealed firearms, should a measure its backing make it in front of voters on the …

25 Dec 2014 Colorado’s cannabis experiment puts it into a global spotlight

One year after he became, unofficially, the first legal recreational marijuana customer in America, Sean Azzariti sits on a couch in Denver’s 3D …

24 Dec 2014 Colorado gun activists seek concealed weapons permits for marijuana users

DENVER — Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana sales. Now the state’s voters may consider a ballot measure to allow pot …

23 Dec 2014 Proposal seeks gun permits for Colorado marijuana users

DENVER — Colorado was the first state to flout federal drug law with recreational marijuana sales. Now the state’s voters may consider a ballot …

22 Dec 2014 Kansas mulls joining marijuana lawsuit against Colorado

TOPEKA, Kan. —Kansas hasn’t decided whether to join a lawsuit filed by other states against Colorado over its legalization of marijuana even though …

21 Dec 2014 Lawsuit shows resistance to legalization of pot

The lawsuit seeks to overturn Colorado’s experiment in legalized … that the two conservative states are being overrun with Colorado medical marijuana that is …

20 Dec 2014 Dangerous implications of the Nebraska-Oklahoma lawsuit againstmedical  marijuana legalization in

Conservatives can argue that Colorado’s marijuana laws inflict greater harm on Nebraska than, say, Virginia’s gun laws inflict on Maryland. The claim …

19 Dec 2014 Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado over marijuana legalization

In the most serious legal challenge to date against Colorado’s legalization of marijuana, two neighboring states have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to …

well …


21 July 2014 Legal pot in Colorado draws questions at conservative summit

While many in the Republican Party opposed passage of Amendment 64, the measure legalizing medical marijuana sales in Colorado, possible changes in …


17 July 2014 Marijuana seminar to address challenges of rolling out a ‘canna-business’

… business, according to MMJ Business Academy CEO and President K.C. Stark. … Stark and and his Colorado-based MMJ Academy, also known as the … Medical marijuana is estimated as a $785-million industry in Florida


15 July 2014 Pot growing grows up

Under Amendment 64Colorado residents age 21 and older may grow up to six plants at home. But many users say they aren’t growing their own


12 July 2014 Recreational marijuana sales drop in Colorado for first time in May

As per Amendment 64, which legalized recreational and medical marijuana, the excise tax is transferred into a fund for public school construction, totaling more 


08 July 2014 Colorado pot legalisation: So far, so good

Colorado voters approved legalisation in 2012 by a margin of 10 per cent, …. Colorado: 55 per cent of voters approved Amendment 64 in November


04 July 2014 Tom Tancredo Catches ‘Contact Buzz’ As Filmmaker Smokes Legal Weed

As marijuana smoke fills the room, Hartle asks the politician about his support for Colorado Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana for …


03 July 2014 Governor: Successes And Failures With Retail Medical Marijuana

Before more than 50 percent of Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012, Governor John Hickenlooper was against medical marijuana. After the election, he …

 27 June 2014 Colorado medical marijuana is going great

Amendment 64 removed criminal penalties for certain medical marijuana-related offenses. According to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, the state …


26 June 2014 Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: Six-Month Status Report

With the passage of Amendment 64 in November 2012, Colorado became the first state to regulate the cultivation, manufacture and sale of medical marijuana …

 16 Jul 2013 The gold rush for medical marijuana
Greenwich Time
A test bud he had recently grown in Colorado can be seen in the photo by his right hand. Colorado is where Palmieri purchased all the special equipment need to grow the marijuana here in Connecticut. Photo: Christian Abraham | Buy This Photo.

15 Jul 2013 Colorado Cannabis Industry Lobbying Expenditures Detailed
East Bay Express
Pro-cannabis groups outspent anti-cannabis groups by a ratio of more than four to one in Colorado, The Denver Posts’ John Ingold reported this week. “The Medical Marijuana Industry Group, a trade organization for dispensaries, has spent $55,750 on 

14 Jul 2013 Medical marijuanaColorado health department faces audit over enforcing 
The Denver Channel
DENVER – Auditors say a dozen physicians have issued half of the medical marijuana recommendations in Colorado and that the state is not providing enough oversight so only qualified individuals get referrals to use the drug. A report released Monday 

13 Jul 2013 Prosecutors: New law doesn’t make old crimes OK Colorado Springs and Pueblo News
(AP) – Two Oregon prosecutors say they won’t drop cases against people who are now accused of selling medical marijuana at retail outlets – even though the business soon will be legal. “This conduct was against the law at the time people committed the 

Mountain Mail Newspaper
WHEREAS, similar to the Medical Marijuana Code designation, the City Council wishes to designate the City Council of the City of Leadville as the “Local Licensing Authority” under the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code and to codify such designation in 

24 Sept 2012 Patients have no constitutional rights to medical marijuana, state court rules
American Medical News
Patients have no constitutional rights to medical marijuana, state court rules. The Montana Supreme Court reverses a district court opinion that had halted enforcement of new regulations on medical cannabis. By Alicia Gallegos, amednews staff. Posted Sept.

24 Sept 2012 SUNRISE: Marijuana legalization effort draws big donors
Colorado Springs Gazette
“We’re trying to bring that money, but we haven’t been successful so far,” said Paul Stanford, Measure 80’s sponsor who owns a chain of medical marijuana clinics around the country. “They say our poll numbers aren’t that great.” In Colorado, committees

24 Sept 2012 Some dispensary owners worry about impact of legalization of marijuana in
Steamboat Pilot & Today
Steamboat Springs — Some local medical marijuana dispensary owners are concerned that legalizing marijuana in Colorado actually could jeopardize their ability to supply pot to patients. Colorado residents will vote Nov. 6 on Amendment 64. If approved

20 Sept 2012 Pot could be tax windfall, but skeptics abound
The Associated Press
DENVER (AP) — A catchy pro-marijuana jingle for Colorado voters considering legalizing the drug goes like this: “Jobs for our people. Money for schools. Who could ask for more?” It’s a bit more complicated than that in the three states — Colorado

19 Sept 2012 Amendment 64: To Legalize Pot or Not…
Colorado voters approved the use of medical marijuana back in 2000. Now they’re being asked to approve its recreational use. This is actually the second time the legalization question has appeared on the ballot, a similar measure failed six years ago.

19 Sept 2012 ‘Bona fide’ Doctor/Patient Relationship Defended In Colorado Medical Cannabis
THE Weed Blog (blog)
He began to use marijuana with his patients as a direct extension of this treatment, as the indications for medical marijuana matched the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal in his patients. In addition to marijuana certification, Dr. Townsend continues to

19 Sept 2012 Marijuana campaign calls governor’s statement ‘hypocritical’
Colorado Springs Independent (blog)
In Colorado, Amendment 20 has revolutionized how America treats medical marijuana – Amendment 64 could be the match that lights the bonfire and end Colorado’s experiment with marijuana rights. Sad but true, in federal courts, the FEDS win. Be careful

18 Sept 2012 Two break into pot shop with rocks…but take nothing
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — Colorado Springs Police officers are looking for two suspects who were caught on video breaking into a medical marijuana dispensary. According to officers, the two suspects used large rocks to break through the glass entry


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